Source code for lumin.nn.models.blocks.head

import numpy as np
from typing import Dict, Optional, Callable, List
from glob import glob
from collections import OrderedDict
from pathlib import Path
import os
from abc import abstractmethod

import torch.nn as nn
from torch.tensor import Tensor
import torch

from ..helpers import CatEmbedder
from ..initialisations import lookup_normal_init
from ....plotting.plot_settings import PlotSettings
from ....plotting.interpretation import plot_embedding
from .abs_block import AbsBlock

__all__ = ['CatEmbHead']

class AbsHead(AbsBlock):
    def __init__(self, cont_feats:List[str], cat_embedder:Optional[CatEmbedder]=None, 
                 lookup_init:Callable[[str,Optional[int],Optional[int]],Callable[[Tensor],None]]=lookup_normal_init, freeze:bool=False):
        super().__init__(lookup_init=lookup_init, freeze=freeze)
        self.cont_feats,self.cat_embedder = cont_feats,cat_embedder
        self.n_cont_in = len(cont_feats)

    def _map_outputs(self) -> Dict[str,List[int]]: pass

    def forward(self, x:Tensor) -> Tensor:
        Pass tensor through head

            x: input tensor
            Resulting tensor


[docs]class CatEmbHead(AbsHead): r''' Standard model head for columnar data. Provides inputs for continuous features and embedding matrices for categorical inputs, and uses a dense layer to upscale to width of network body. Designed to be passed as a 'head' to :class:`~lumin.nn.models.model_builder.ModelBuilder`. Supports batch normalisation and dropout (at separate rates for continuous features and categorical embeddings). Continuous features are expected to be the first len(cont_feats) columns of input tensors and categorical features the remaining columns. Embedding arguments for categorical features are set using a :class:`~lumin.nn.models.helpers.CatEmbedder`. Arguments: cont_feats: list of names of continuous input features do_cont: if not None will add a dropout layer with dropout rate do acting on the continuous inputs prior to concatination wih the categorical embeddings do_cat: if not None will add a dropout layer with dropout rate do acting on the categorical embeddings prior to concatination wih the continuous inputs cat_embedder: :class:`~lumin.nn.models.helpers.CatEmbedder` providing details of how to embed categorical inputs lookup_init: function taking choice of activation function, number of inputs, and number of outputs an returning a function to initialise layer weights. freeze: whether to start with module parameters set to untrainable Examples:: >>> head = CatEmbHead(cont_feats=cont_feats) >>> >>> head = CatEmbHead(cont_feats=cont_feats, ... cat_embedder=CatEmbedder.from_fy(train_fy)) >>> >>> head = CatEmbHead(cont_feats=cont_feats, ... cat_embedder=CatEmbedder.from_fy(train_fy), ... do_cont=0.1, do_cat=0.05) >>> >>> head = CatEmbHead(cont_feats=cont_feats, ... cat_embedder=CatEmbedder.from_fy(train_fy), ... lookup_init=lookup_uniform_init) ''' def __init__(self, cont_feats:List[str], do_cont:float=0, do_cat:float=0, cat_embedder:Optional[CatEmbedder]=None, lookup_init:Callable[[str,Optional[int],Optional[int]],Callable[[Tensor],None]]=lookup_normal_init, freeze:bool=False): super().__init__(cont_feats=cont_feats, cat_embedder=cat_embedder, lookup_init=lookup_init, freeze=freeze) self.do_cont,self.do_cat, = do_cont,do_cat if self.cat_embedder is None: self.cat_embedder = CatEmbedder([], []) if self.cat_embedder.n_cat_in > 0: self.embeds = nn.ModuleList([nn.Embedding(ni, no) for _, ni, no in self.cat_embedder]) if self.cat_embedder.emb_load_path is not None: self._load_embeds() if self.do_cat > 0: self.emb_do = nn.Dropout(self.do_cat) self.n_out = self.n_cont_in if self.cat_embedder.n_cat_in == 0 else self.n_cont_in+np.sum(self.cat_embedder.emb_szs) if self.do_cont > 0: self.cont_in_do = nn.Dropout(self.do_cont) if self.freeze: self.freeze_layers() self._map_outputs() def _map_outputs(self) -> Dict[str,List[int]]: self.feat_map = {} for i, f in enumerate(self.cont_feats): self.feat_map[f] = [i] offset = self.n_cont_in for f, _, sz in self.cat_embedder: self.feat_map[f] = list(range(offset, offset+sz)) offset += sz
[docs] def forward(self, x_in:Tensor) -> Tensor: if self.cat_embedder.n_cat_in > 0: x_cat = x_in[:,self.n_cont_in:].long() x =[emb(x_cat[:,i]) for i, emb in enumerate(self.embeds)], dim=1) if self.do_cat > 0: x = self.emb_do(x) if self.n_cont_in > 0: x_cont = x_in[:,:self.n_cont_in] if self.do_cont > 0: x_cont = self.cont_in_do(x_cont) x =, x), dim=1) if self.cat_embedder.n_cat_in > 0 else x_cont return x
def _load_embeds(self, path:Optional[Path]=None) -> None: path = self.cat_embedder.emb_load_path if path is None else path avail = {x.index(x[:-3]): x for x in glob(f'{path}/*.h5') if x[x.rfind('/')+1:-3] in self.cat_embedder.cat_names} print(f'Loading embedings: {avail}') for i in avail: self.embeds[i].load_state_dict(torch.load(avail[i], map_location='cpu'))
[docs] def save_embeds(self, path:Path) -> None: r''' Save learned embeddings to path. Each categorical embedding matic will be saved as a separate state_dict with name equal to the feature name as set in cat_embedder Arguments: path: path to which to save embedding weights ''' os.makedirs(path, exist_ok=True) for i, name in enumerate(self.cat_embedder.cat_names):[i].state_dict(), path/f'{name}.h5')
[docs] def get_embeds(self) -> Dict[str,OrderedDict]: r''' Get state_dict for every embedding matrix. Returns: Dictionary mapping categorical features to learned embedding matrix ''' return {n: self.embeds[i].state_dict() for i, n in enumerate(self.cat_embedder.cat_names)}
[docs] def get_out_size(self) -> int: r''' Get size width of output layer Returns: Width of output layer ''' return self.n_out
[docs] def plot_embeds(self, savename:Optional[str]=None, settings:PlotSettings=PlotSettings()) -> None: r''' Plot representations of embedding matrices for each categorical feature. Arguments: savename: if not None, will save copy of plot to give path settings: :class:`~lumin.plotting.plot_settings.PlotSettings` class to control figure appearance ''' for i, n in enumerate(self.cat_embedder.cat_names): plot_embedding(self.embeds[i].state_dict(), n, savename=savename, settings=settings)
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